Microsoft Reduces Azure Storage Pricing

As noted in my previous blog article, there is a price war going on for cloud services between the major players (Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google, Salesforce, etc.) and this has become one of the key benefits to dynamic cloud usage.  As long as you only pay for what you use and the price goes down tomorrow, the customer wins in the long run because they can take advantage of new reductions in pricing.  For the foreseeable future, it looks like the price for cloud services will continue to go down as the competition for your cloud loyalty only gets stronger.

Microsoft announced today yet another storage price cut to compete with Amazon

Locally redundant storage on Azure now matches Amazon’s prices and Azure Storage transactions are getting a 50 percent price cut, which matches Amazon’s latest price cuts. In addition, Microsoft’s Locally Redundant Disks/Page Blobs Storage is seeing a 28 percent price reduction.

Note that the price reduction is not effective until March 13, 2014.