Introducing the new Office Graph and Project Oslo

With multiple enterprise social platforms (Yammer, SharePoint, CRM, etc.) Microsoft has been working on a brand new enterprise social API called Office Graph.  Office Graph extends the existing Yammer Enterprise Graph to connect and map relationships across multiple social platforms in the Microsoft eco-system.


The first application that has been developed on top of this new API is Project Oslo.  It’s essentially a twitter/facebook/linkedin/Yammer style feed that provides relevant content through your enterprise network connections. 

Oslo also provides the ability to gain insights into your colleagues by viewing their enterprise relationships, content and activities.


It’s not quite clear how many other applications Microsoft is building on top of the Office Graph.  It’s also expected that this functionality will be provided to Office 365 customers before on premise customers as part of Microsoft’s “cloud first” strategy.

It’s also not confirmed that external developers and partners will be able to create their own Oslo like apps on top of Office Graph, but it’s likely.  It’s also likely that Power BI will incorporate Office Graph as a data source in the same way today you can query Facebook and Exchange to look at historical patterns and analyze relationships using the Power BI toolset.