The Importance of OData in Microsoft’s Data Strategy

OData is a standardized protocol for creating and consuming data APIs.  In a similar way to how web services and later REST provided an HTTP accessible standard for invoking distributed functions or APIs, OData provides a similar model for access data feeds.

Introduction to OData


Microsoft has embraced the OData protocol in multiple scenarios across multiple products. 

These include:

OData is a critical part of Microsoft’s data strategy and its support for open standards.  Microsoft has submitted the OData standard to OASIS so that it can be managed as an open standard.  There are unfortunately not very many vendors using OData as a standard – SAP is one of the few enterprise vendors supporting the standard.  Hopefully as OData moves into the OASIS family it will be adopted by other vendors so that it can be used more broadly than just within the Microsoft eco-system.

  • Jacob Martin

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