Resources for Azure Architects Looking for Best Practices

For those architects moving from a traditional ASP.NET, SQL and IIS world to developing applications for Azure, there are some new challenges in designing applications that are maintainable, high performance and secure.

Design Patterns are prescriptive and re-usable solutions or best practices that can be used by Architects to solve problems and optimize their solution architectures. 

Competing Consumers

As you move to the cloud, there are some key challenges such as availability management, data consistency, distributed caching, and security that are unique to the cloud and present some challenges for those moving from a traditional on premise context to develop cloud optimized applications.

Figure 1 - Running tasks in a cloud environment by using a set of dedicated computational units

Microsoft has published a series of articles and e-books on Design Patterns for Azure that you might find useful if you are moving your existing application to the cloud and/or implementing a new architecture using Azure services: