New Forecasting Abilities, Visualization Coming to Microsoft PowerView and Excel

Microsoft introduced a new forecasting engine available in PowerView.  This seems to be available only through Office 365 – it’s not clear whether this is also available in the PowerView add-in for Excel.

New Forecasting Ability in PowerView


In Power View, you can now apply predictive forecasting, and hindcasting, when visualizing and exploring your data. Forecasting in Power View utilizes built-in predictive forecasting models using exponential smoothing to automatically detect seasonality in the data to provide forecast results from a series of data. Explore forecast results by adjusting the desired confidence interval or by adjusting outlier data to see how they affect results. You can also hindcast to see how Power View would have predicted the present and recent past based on older data.

Microsoft Research has also developed new visualization Add-ons for Excel to increase the visualization options available including Histograms, TreeMaps and StreamGraph.  You can download these now from the Office store for free.