Yammer Conversations Now Integrated with Office 365 and OneDrive Documents

Microsoft has announced the integration of Yammer conversations with Office documents stored in SharePoint or your OneDrive.  The following is an introductory video on how the new feature works:

Introduction to Yammer Document Conversations


Some interesting details based on the announcement include:

  • Document conversations are based on the new Open Graph protocol to connect Yammer conversations with your document.
  • Document conversations are ONLY available in SharePoint Online and are not visible in the Office Desktop client. 
  • The key link in the graph is the link to the filename.  If you rename the file or move its location, the link is lost!
  • Document conversations are only available to internal networks.
  • Sunny Cambo

    I am after some support as to why some users cannot see the Yammer Conversation feed when opening documents using Office Online. Any advice would be appreciated.