Power Map Now Supports Auto Tour Refresh

One of the ways that Power Map is being used is for kiosks or large public displays– you can create a tour of your BING map, layer on some data from Power Pivot and then have Power Map replay your tour on a loop.

In the latest Power Map update, you can also set up your tour to be on “Auto Refresh” and this will update the underlying data in the Power Pivot model every 10 minutes, ensuring that your display is showing the latest data and to display geo-located data points on a map in near real time.

A good example of a Power Map tour can be found in this video:

Power Map Demo
  • Alexander Savchenko

    Hi Christopher, is it possible to set up auto refreshment more often, say every minute?

    • cwoodill

      Not at the moment except for data sources that are live such as ssas, azure sql and azure data warehouse…but for times refreshes it’s only hourly