Microsoft Increasing Its File Upload Limit for OneDrive


One of the key limitations in Office 365 is the file upload limit.  In SharePoint Online, there used to be a 250 megabyte maximum for a single file upload and then it was raised to 2 gigabytes for a maximum file size.  OneDrive currently has the same limit of 2 GB for a single uploaded file.

There have been recent reports that Microsoft is rolling out changes to OneDrive to increase this limit.  The removal of this limitation is also one of the more popular uservoice suggestions on Microsoft’s user feedback site.  (You can vote for the change here).

“As we mentioned on our uservoice, we have started the work to increase the file size limit for all OneDrive accounts,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “We have started the process with a small number of customers and will continue to roll it out to our full customer base. We will have more to share on this update in the near future, stay tuned to the OneDrive blog.”

No word yet on whether this will be applied to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online just yet…