Microsoft’s New App Launcher will Provide an Improved Office 365 Navigation Experience

As Microsoft has launched new services as part of the Office 365 subscription, the current global navigation is running out of runway to house all of them…

The current global navigation is what you see here:


As Microsoft adds new services this approach is becoming cumbersome.  In addition, as users add new applications, sites, content, links, etc. within each of these services there is no easy way to personalized and unified navigation across all of them.

The New App Launcher


The new App Launcher will provide a more Windows 8 start screen experience by allowing you to pin your list of apps to your Office 365 menu using a tile based experience instead of a simple menu.  You will have a My Apps page that has the exhaustive list of your applications (e.g. sites, feeds, documents, links, services, etc.) and you can then pin/un-pin them to your Office 365 App Launcher.

app launcher 2

app launcher 1

The update is expected to launch in November.