If You Can’t Beat em, Join em – Microsoft Office and Dropbox to Work Together

With Dropbox and Microsoft slugging it out in the market over cloud storage, it’s interesting that they have just announced a partnership and integration between the two services.  Like Microsoft’s partnership with Salesforce.com, Microsoft seems to have acknowledged that having a connected eco-system of cloud services an important aspect to cloud adoption, even if it means allowing for non-Microsoft partners integrating with Microsoft services.

Dropbox has become home to more than 35 BILLION office files.  Microsoft would love to convert Dropbox users to OneDrive but this isn’t going to happen immediately.  In the meantime, they have announced a partnership that integrates Office and DropBox together in the following ways:

  • Ability to access Dropbox from within Office apps to get to files
  • Edit Office files directly from Dropbox
  • Share new or edited files using Dropbox sharing functionality

Office and Dropbox 1

The functionality will first be included in the next updates to the Office apps for iOS and Android, coming in the next few weeks. The Web integrations between the Dropbox website and Office Online will be available in the first half of 2015. Dropbox will also make its application available on the Windows Phone and Windows tablet platforms in the coming months.

There is no mention of Office running on Windows laptops – it’s not clear whether this will be supported on the traditional desktop versions of Office.