Microsoft Azure Event Hubs Enable Internet of Things

Microsoft has launched an extension to the existing Microsoft Azure Service Bus that provides a massively scalable data capture solution for capturing data from large volumes of clients such as sensors, devices, etc. 


In business terms, this means that it is designed for commercial scenarios where you have millions of devices, sensors or clients sending readings to a central logging service.  For example, oil pipeline companies are outfitting their pipes with sensors on every inch of their pipeline that generate safety readings as oil flows through the pipeline.  In the next few years, cars will be connected to the Internet and will be sending reliability, service and safety data to provide consumers with warnings, service notifications, etc.  Within media, each set top box will need to send events for every channel we watch, every time we flip the channel, etc. to further maximize the efficiency of advertising.  All of these scenarios require a very robust and high performance collector for all these events being generated.

Event Hubs is a PAAS service that allows for ingestion of events being generated by hundreds of thousands of concurrently connected clients.  You can purchase needed throughput and dynamically scale up your needs as the number of devices increases.