SharePoint Metadata vs. Folders – Best Practices

We just published to Slide Share a new presentation on best practices on using Metadata instead of Folders in SharePoint 2013.  You can find the presentation here.


In general, we still see lots of clients using folders instead of site columns in SharePoint because they are easier and more ad hoc.   We also find that many of our clients don’t have a fundamental understanding of metadata and taxonomy concepts  before setting up document libraries and therefore default back to a folder structure because it is familiar.

There are lots of good reasons to use SharePoint taxonomy features such as site columns, content types, term store, etc. and this presentation outlines some of those advantages.

  • Concise, clear thoughts, Christopher. I stumbled across your article while I was doing research for a similar article about folders vs. metadata. It’s interesting how many improvements to both folders and metadata Microsoft has made in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online–to the point that now, it makes sense to use both in a sort of hybrid deployment.