Running WordPress on Azure SQL – Search Doesn’t Work

As posted last week, this blog now runs on WordPress with Azure SQL as its database.  The Brandoo plugin is used to translate the original MySQL database layer and maps it to SQL Server. 

One challenge with the plugin – WordPress native search does not work using the Brandoo plugin.  I created a brand new site just to test it out and verified that this is a basic defect in the plugin.  There is also a documented conversation here that documents this as a bug.


I’ll be continue to dig into this issue to see if there are alternative solutions to the out of the box search capabilities.

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  • Michal Smereczynski

    Hello Christopher,
    I’m the maintainer of Brandoo WordPress. Changes in WordPress upstream is making debugging of Brandoo WordPress almost impossible today. There is many “strange” changes in WordPress, making translation to AzureSQL/MS SQL impossible at all. We do not want to change WordPress core and build fork. Without community we will be not able to work on it. There is no support form developers community so we are fighting alone. Second thing is that today it is possible to connect Azure Web Site with Your own MySQL cluster or single VM via VPN. So You can create HA WordPress on Azure without AzureSQL – I think that this will be a new direction for Brandoo WordPress. I’m father of this project and it is not so simple to tell You, that we are slowly going to the end of Brandoo WordPress in form You know and use.
    Best Regards,

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