Application Insights is Yet Another Reason to Use Azure Web Sites!

As posted previously, hosting a web site can be easily done using IAAS services.  Create your own VMs and you can host PHP, MySQL, .NET or any other type of web application.  However, now you have to patch your VM, upgrade all the software, monitor it, back it up, etc.

This is where Azure Web Sites is such a compelling offering – if you’re running an ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Python or Node.JS you can deploy your site and have Microsoft manage the infrastructure for you.  In addition, you now get auto-scaling up to 10 instances of your web site and access to a number of different storage options including SQL Server, Azure Document DB, Mongo DB, Azure SQL, Blob Storage, etc.

As part of Azure Web Sites, Microsoft is now including a full monitoring solution called Application Insights at no extra cost.  You can turn it on through the portal or you can enable it when you create your web site in development using Visual Studio.

Application Insights not only monitors your web site  but auto-discovers dependencies such as the underlying database and monitors those as well.