Forms on SharePoint Lists (Potential InfoPath Replacement) Cancelled

InfoPath is officially a retired productwhile it will continue to be supported in Office 365 and the next version of SharePoint, there are no expected updates to the product and InfoPath 2013 is the last version on the roadmap.

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At the last SharePoint conference, Microsoft suggested it was working on several potential InfoPath replacement options including:

  • Excel Surveys: collecting information via a web form and drop it into Excel for analysis, charting, etc.

  • Forms on SharePoint Lists: a new upcoming feature which will allow configurable forms based on SharePoint Lists.  Think of this similar to an Access Form based on an Access Table.
  • Word Form Documents: structured forms created in Word.
  • App Forms: forms generated from Access databases.

Microsoft has now just officially cancelled one of these potential options – Forms on SharePoint Lists.


This is one of the example screens for what Forms and SharePoint Lists might have looked like if released.