Microsoft Now Has Two Streaming Analytics Solutions: Apache Storm and Stream Analytics

Microsoft has launched its new Apache Storm service as part of HDInsight.  In addition, Microsoft also has its own Stream Analytics service that you can use for similar purposes, e.g. processing incoming unstructured data in real time for analytics purposes.

Which service should you use for your real time analytics processing?  Here is a high level comparison between the two services based on the current incarnations of the service (they are expected to evolve over the coming months).

  HD Insight Apache Storm Stream Analytics
Service Status General Availability Preview Only
Deployment Model PAAS PAAS
Pricing Model Priced per node instance Priced per volume and “streaming
Product Ownership Open Source Apache Microsoft
Language Support Java, C#, Python SQL language specific to Stream Analytics
REST API Available but only for monitoring and
Available for development
Maintenance Patching and maintenance included Patching and maintenance included
Interoperability Azure Event Hub, Azure Service Bus, Apache Kafka,
Apache Cassandra, HDFS, SQL Azure Database
Event Hub, Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL