Azure Search is now Generally Available

Azure Search

Azure Search has just gone from preview to general availability.  In addition to the service now being production ready, the Microsoft team has added a number of new features.

New Azure SDK

There is a new Azure Search .NET SDK available that wraps the REST API into .NET classes.  One of the neat features of the new SDK is the ability to serialize objects to the index.  When you retrieve the results of a search, you can also automatically de-serialize the returned rows back into your object.

The Azure Search .NET SDK is available through the NuGet Package manager.

Enhanced Multilanguage Support

The preview version of Azure Search only support indexing in English.  Now there is support for more than 50 additional languages. 

New Indexers for SQL Server, Azure SQL and Azure DocumentDB

Using the Azure Search .NET SDK or the REST API, you can push any text data into your index with code. 

Microsoft has now included built indexers for SQL Server running in an Azure VM, Azure SQL, and Azure DocumentDB.  You can simply point an indexer at your existing repository and have it pull the content from it on a scheduled basis with no code required.

Enhanced Search Suggestions

Search suggestions is the ability to suggest search terms as you type into the search box.  Search suggestions have been enhanced significantly in this release from the preview version:

  • Matching for terms within a phrase instead of the start of a phrase
  • Fuzzy matching to accommodate spelling mistakes and near misses
  • Increase to 100 suggestions per result
  • No more 3 character minimum to return a result