Key Features Coming in Excel 2016 for Business Intelligence

There are a number of features coming in Excel 2016 that will be useful for those engaging in Business Intelligence activities.

Power View Connected Directly to OLAP

One of the key new features is the ability to connect directly to OLAP cubes instead of having them refreshed through Power Pivot.  Power View can now be used to power live data access to OLAP cubes with Power View’s visualization capabilities such as KPI’s, hierarchies, charts, dashboards, etc.

Power Query Integration

Power Query will be a core part of the product instead of a downloadable add-on.  Power Query is a key component to integrating Excel with other big data services and on-premise databases.

New Forecasting Functions

There are a number of new forecasting functions that improve the accuracy of forecast calculations.

Support for Multiple Selections for Slicer Items

In the current version of Excel, the touch experience limits slicers to a single selection.  In 2016, you can select multiple items in a slicer.