Internet Access from Azure VM Not Working: Problem Solved

When you configure a virtual network in Microsoft Azure, the DNS configuration is within the virtual network itself.  If you reviewing this article, it recommends to reset your DNS server to be your domain controller within your virtual network.

However, when you do that you lose your internet connection within your VM because it can no longer find a public DNS server.  You can solve this problem by registering one of Microsoft’s public DNS servers within your virtual network configuration.


The public DNS servers are and  You have to register them in two spots: 1) under DNS servers in the virtual network tab and 2) you have to add them specifically to your virtual network under configuration.


In addition, make sure you restart your VMs before these settings will take effect.

  • P Surf

    Hi, we have followed your setup guide exactly, and unfortunately our Azure VMs still have no Internet access. Please could assist us further. thank you.

    • Steve Walden

      Add those DNS entries directly to your Azure VMs and that will resolve your issue. So, log into your VM. Go to you Network Card settings, go to the IPV 4 settings and manually set the DNS to the entries above.