Are You Still Using the Yammer App? Swap to Yammer Embed by Sept 2015

The Yammer App is an app part available for free in the SharePoint store that allows you integrate Yammer conversations into SharePoint 2013 on premise or SharePoint Online if you are using Office 365.

Microsoft has announced that the Yammer App will be discontinued and will stop working as of September 2015.  If you are using the Yammer App currently, you need to replace it with new Yammer Embed feature.

The process for replacing the Yammer app for SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Online

Using Yammer Embed, you can provide similar integration between Yammer and SharePoint including display of my feed, group feeds, topic feeds, or specific object feeds.  Instead of Yammer being an App Part, the Yammer Embed is just HTML script that you can embed anywhere in your page.

Paste the script into the Script web part

A Yammer Group feed embedded in a SharePoint page