New Azure SQL Data Warehouse Service Will Bring Analytics as an Elastic, Fully Managed Service

Microsoft announced this week a brand new service – the Azure SQL Data Warehouse.   Azure SQL has provided PAAS based SQL services for a few years now, but if you wanted to run SQL analysis services, build cubes and do analytics you had to roll-out your own SQL Server on raw infrastructure as a service. 

Azure SQL is quite a good service in terms of performance, scalability and pricing.  You can create a database for as little as $10 / month and scale it up to 500 GB and dedicated performance. 

The new SQL Data Warehouse Service will be built on top of the same Azure SQL elastic technology to enable a data warehouse that can scale up or down as needed. 

The new platform also promises integration with Microsoft’s other big data and business intelligence services such as HDInsight, Power BI, Azure Machine Learning, etc.

The preview will be available later this year…

  • David Merchant

    Should you have a need for OLAP either on Azure SQL or in conjunction with the new Azure SQL Data Warehouse then check of Saasabi. We have built a MOLAP engine that operates on Azyure SQL as a SaaS using Azure SQL as a PaaS. Are goal is to take the cost and complexity out of BI, use Saasabi in conjunction with Power BI for a true Cloud based solution.