SQL Server 2016 Preview Coming This Summer

Microsoft has announced the latest version of SQL Server on premise.  SQL 2016 will arrive in preview this summer with some key new features.

Always Encrypted

Always encrypted means just that – the data is encrypted at rest and in transit.  Encryption is transparent to the application so no changes are required at the application level. 

Stretching From On Premise to Azure

In the new version of SQL 2016, you’ll be able to stretch your data from on premise to the cloud based on business rules.  In a similar way to StorSimple does for storage, SQL 2016 will allow you to extend your data to the cloud for those rows that are historical, less accessed, etc.  Enabling the always encrypted feature means that your data is encrypted at all times.

In Memory Analytics

In memory OLTP has been available in SQL 2014 – in 2016 this is now extended into operational analytics.  This will improve integration of OLTP and OLAP scenarios, all running in memory to speed up performance.

R Processing in the Database

Microsoft has a technology called Polybase which provides integration between Hadoop and SQL on premise.  Microsoft also just bought a company called Revolution Analytics which provides an open source distribution of R.  In the next version of SQL, these platforms will be integrated into SQL Server directly, providing better tools for no-sql workloads.

Native JSON Support

Microsoft is promising “native JSON support” which sounds promising and interesting given their investment in Azure DocumentDB and Azure Search which are both JSON based.