Compliance Management key to the SharePoint / Office 365 Platform

Compliance management is increasingly becoming one of Microsoft’s key features within the Office 365 platform.  If you look at the SharePoint 2016 updates, one of the three key areas for new features is incremental improvements in compliance management.


In the past month, there have been a number of additional feature announcements around improvements to compliance management within Office 365.  These show Microsoft’s continued investment in compliance management as a key part of the evolution of the Office 365 platform.

Archiving of non-Microsoft Data in Office 365

Microsoft has just announced the ability to use Office 365 as an archive for non-Microsoft generated content through partnerships with Actiance and Globalnet.  Using these partnerships, customers will be able to archive, retain, discover, hold and audit content from sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Cisco Jabber, Box, Drop Box, and more.


Auto Expanding Archives

Microsoft will now allow for auto-expanding, highly scalable archiving of content.  Previously, there were some limits on how much could be archived and if you wanted to expand you had to call customer service.  The new archives are infinitely scalable and automatically increase as they are filled up with content. 

New Data Loss Prevention for One Drive Offline Files

Microsoft has released a feature for One Drive that allows administrators to define a list of domain that are trusted.  Any computers who try to take files offline that aren’t members of the domain are then blocked. 

In addition to the work we’re doing on the sync client we’re also investing in administration features that allow IT to manage the sync function to limit potential data leakage. Many organizations want to ensure their users are only able to sync files to managed or domain-joined PC’s thereby limiting data leakage possibilities on unmanaged home and personal computers. Today we’re excited to announce that we’re releasing this capability for OneDrive for Business administrators! This complements the other data loss prevention investments we’re making right across Office 365.

New Compliance Toolset for Exchange Public Folders

Microsoft has announced that the Office 365 archiving and eDiscovery features can be used with Exchange public folders.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the Office 365 archiving and eDiscovery toolset is being extended to include public folders. Customers can now place public folder content on hold to preserve it for legal or regulatory requirements. They can perform eDiscovery functions on public folder data, including search, preview and export. Entire public folders or specific content (based on keywords) can be preserved immutably. They can delete aged items out of public folders. And all administrative activities on public folders are fully audited. Throughout all these operations, users can continue to interact with public folder data without any change in their experience.

Announcing compliance for public folders 1

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