Informatica Taken Private with Microsoft and SalesForce as Strategic Investors

Informatica has been taken private in a $5.3 billion deal with two key strategic investors: Microsoft and SalesForce.

Informatica has been a partner with Microsoft for some time now, positioning itself as the agnostic cloud integration tool that can support ETL and integration processes from a variety of on premise and cloud based data repositories.

The Informatica Cloud Secure Agent is a lightweight program running on premises or on Azure enabling secure integration between Azure and your on- premises applications and databases, cloud applications and other data sources. Data is not staged in Informatica Cloud. Instead, a direct connection is established between the Secure Agent and Azure. Informatica Cloud can also be used for bi-directional data integration between on-premises source and target end points.

SalesForce and Microsoft also have partnerships on multiple fronts including integration of SalesForce and Outlook, Power BI and Excel Integration with SalesForce, and SSO integration through Azure AD Premium.