Ability to Build Your Own Power BI Visualization Customizations Coming Soon

As posted previously, the visualization framework for Power BI has been open sourced and is available on GitHub.  Microsoft allows you to add your own contributions to the repository and they will be reviewed and incorporated into the main product.

There has also been previous mention on the Power BI web site about allowing developers to deploy custom visualizations that are private to a specific account or tenant and not contributed through the central repository.  imageThis concept was again confirmed today with the announcement of the new Power BI Custom Visualization Contest

A quick update on what’s coming – Custom Visualizations in Power BI and Power BI Desktop!

We are not done yet. I am delighted to disclose that the same skills you will be using to build your visual for the contest will also be applicable for the upcoming custom visualizations feature of Power BI.

The custom visualizations feature will enable you to use your own visualizations in Power BI, without needing to have them included in the public Power BI product. These custom visualizations will be yours only and you’ll have full control and ownership over them

Very Soon, we will enable the registration and use of custom visualizations in your Power BI tenant where you can include them in reports (created in the Power BI web experience) and dashboards. Shortly after, you will also have the capability to use custom visualizations in Power BI Desktop. We expect that these capabilities will allow you to deliver custom visualizations to data analysts and business users who will find them useful.

We are very excited to enter this chapter in our journey towards open and custom visuals. I, along with the rest of the Power BI team cannot wait to see what you will create!

This implies that we’ll be able to develop customizations specific to a client, an industry or for particular workloads and to deploy them as custom specific solutions.  This could mean some very interesting visualizations being developed for specific types of business intelligence and for particular audiences in the future.