New Excel Add-in for Azure ML Just Released

One of the most interesting features of Azure Machine Learning is the ability to publish your pipelines to a production quality web service.  If you have developed a world class predictive algorithm you can very easily publish it to an endpoint which is now available to your users.  Your users can then provide data to be analyzed and Azure ML will output back a predicted value.

For example, imagine you have developed a pricing algorithm that predicts the optimal price for your product based on some features of your customer such as age, income, previous purchase history, location, etc.  You could create an Azure ML based pipeline that based on a training data set of your previous purchase history would find the best predictors of optimal price and allow you to then have the algorithm predict the price.  Once trained and optimized, your algorithm’s job is to provide you a predicted optimal price based on some input criteria values.

Microsoft has now created a really easy way to provide input through Excel through the new Azure ML Add-In.  Using the Add-In, you can now select cells in Excel and ship them to your Azure ML web service for processing. 

The add-in is available in the Office Store here.