You Can Now Migrate to Office 365 via FedEx or DHL

Until recently, Microsoft, if you migrated files to Office 365 you uploaded your files through the same channel as portal users interacting with the web interface.  This channel was throttled in order to ensure that your uploading process wouldn’t impact the user experience.  This made migrations very slow to transfer.

Microsoft then announced a new migration route for transferring files to Office 365.  This route goes through a completely new channel via Azure.  You package up your files using either PowerShell or a third party migration tool such as Metalogix Essentials and you can then migrate them to Office 365.  The migration performance is significantly faster because files are transferred through a dedicated migration path instead of through the front end user interface.

Microsoft has now announced the ability to ship your files physically to them and they’ll import them into your tenant.


Microsoft provides a set of tools for packaging up your files, encrypting them and storing them on a physical drive.  You then ship the drive via FedEx or DHL.