Microsoft Partners with Akamai to Extend Reach of Azure CDN

The Azure Content Delivery Network is a service for caching and distributing content around the world.  For organizations with international traffic to their web site or applications, the Azure CDN pushes content such as video, images, pages or any other content to local nodes located closer to the end user to reduce latency and improve speed.

Here are the current locations of the Azure CDN nodes for distributing content around the world.

CDN POP Locations

Microsoft has just announced a partnership with Akamai to expand the Azure CDN network into Akamai’s CDN network.  Pricing has yet to be announced but Azure CDN will be moving to a two tier “Standard” and “Premium” model.

Akamai’s CDN platform already delivers 15-30% of the world’s web traffic through its massive network.  Akamai has more than 1000 node locations all over the world including South-America, Africa and the Middle East (which Microsoft currently has no presence).

Here is Akamai’s current network map – you can see that in particular in South America and

  • Mike Daicoff

    Hey Chris, do you know if Akamai has Canadian CDN’s??

    • cwoodill

      I haven’t found their list of pop locations – they don’t have it published…you might have to call to find out.