Microsoft Unveils Internet of Things Suite

Microsoft this week announced a number of new details about the Internet of Things Suite.  Leveraging and bundling some existing Azure services such as Streaming Analytics, Storage, Power BI, and Azure ML, Microsoft IoT Suite combines these into some specific scenarios for managing devices and sensors through the cloud. 


The IoT Suite bundles these services into a comprehensive IoT architecture for managing millions of messages coming from devices and sensors in the field.

IoT solution architecture

In addition, the new IoT hub provides certified connections to popular hardware partners such as Intel, Rasberry PI, Freescale, Texas Instruments, etc. who are building hardware sensors.  These partners have certified that their devices can send data through to Azure.


The preconfigured solutions are a way for businesses to connect the myriad of Azure cloud services into specific scenarios for solving common problems.  The current list of specific scenarios are:

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring preconfigured solution architecture

Predictive Maintenance

Anomaly Detection

Expect more of these scenarios to be developed over time as part of the IoT Suite offering.