Web Apps PaaS Service Comes to Azure Stack

Recently, Microsoft released Azure Stack in technical preview, a set of on premise technologies designed to replicate Azure services in an on premise data center. 

Yesterday, Microsoft released its first PaaS services implementation for Azure Stack in early preview – the Web App along with connectors for SQL and MySQL.  Azure Web Apps are awesome fully managed web app containers that provide you with IIS without having to manage the server, patch the virtual machine, etc.  Azure Web Apps also provide easy scale up and down features so that if your load increases you can add more instances dynamically.  This blog runs on Azure Web Apps and the experience has been great to date. 

With moving the Azure Web App to the on premise Azure Stack, developers will be able to deliver web applications that work the same way both on premise and in Azure.  Operations managers will be able to monitor and manage the IIS environment in the same way whether the web app is running on premise or in the cloud. 

It’s not yet clear whether you’ll be able to dynamically push web applications from on premise to the cloud and back again but it’s a good bet.  This is what Microsoft is doing for example with the latest version of SQL Server to allow IT departments to manage their hybrid environments and dynamically allocate applications from one premise to the cloud.