Power BI Increases File Size Limit from 250 MB to 1 GB

Microsoft has announced that they are increasing the file size limit for files to 1 GB from 250 MB.  This limit impacts any data source which is not direct query enabled.  It also impacts any Power BI Desktop file that is published to the Power BI service.


We know many of you are doing analysis that involves large amounts of data and have large data models that you want to put into Power BI to share with others. After hearing your requests and seeing what you want to accomplish, we increased the file size limit for both Excel workbooks and Power BI Desktop files to 1 GB.

When you publish a PBIX file from Desktop, publish an Excel file to Power BI service, or upload an Excel or PBIX file through Get Data in the service, you won’t get a file size limit message unless the file is greater than 1 GB. Additionally, the data will continue to refresh as long as the data model size does not grow beyond 1 GB. After that, refreshing the dataset will give an error message letting you know your dataset is too large, and it will fail to refresh until you filter the data model back down under 1 GB.

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