New Office 365 Administration Dashboards Coming via Power BI

Microsoft has announced a new set of administration dashboards for Office 365.  Powered by Power BI, the dashboards will provide administrators access to analytics on user activity within their tenants.  Roll-out is expected in Q3 2015.

Whats new in Office 365 Administration from Microsoft Ignite 1The new Power BI content pack will integrate with Active Directory data for more interesting reports – for example, you could create a dashboard related to a particular group of users.


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Check Out New Azure AD Connect: Simplified Tool for Hybrid Directory

Microsoft has supported hybrid directory architectures for years but it’s always been somewhat complicated to setup and required multiple services and services.  We just implemented Office 365 in a hybrid architecture and the most complicated aspects are the integration of directory services, especially when including Exchange and Lync on top of Active Directory services.

Given that Microsoft controls most of these technologies, it shouldn’t really as complicated as it is – this is primarily because of legacy reasons and the evolution of all these various federations scenarios. 

Microsoft has released a new tool in preview (e.g. it’s not Production support just yet) called Azure AD Connect that centralizes and simplifies the hybrid directory scenario of connect your on premise AD with Azure AD.  It’s available for download here.

This tool will replace DirSync, Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Sync as a single centralized tool.

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