Microsoft Driving to Cross Platform .NET Standard 2.0

Microsoft has had evolving variations of the .NET framework over the years targeting specific platforms.  Even within Windows, there were multiple .NET framework platforms depending on whether you were targeting ASP.NET, Windows Desktop, or Windows Phone. 


When Microsoft bought Xamarin, they also inherited MONO, the UNIX implementation of the .NET framework. 

Microsoft is now going to standardize the .NET framework across these variations in a new framework called .NET Standard.


This will provide a core set of libraries, APIs, etc. across platforms and workloads. 


Using this approach, Microsoft is targeting library developers who want to create libraries that will work equally well across devices and operating systems through a common standard.

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Microsoft Releases .NET Core for Windows, OSX and Linux

For the first time, Microsoft has released its .NET framework as open source with support for Windows, OS X and Linux.  Microsoft first released a preview version of this version of the framework in 2014 – today is the first official release.

Microsoft has also released SQL Server 2016 for Linux and is now claiming that 30% of the servers running in Microsoft Azure are Linux as well.

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Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 Just Released

Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6 have just gone general availability and are now available for download.

Key feature improvements include:

  • Unified debugging and profiling
  • Proactive refactoring and code optimization tools
  • New XAML editor
  • Support for the latest language frameworks including updated versions of C#, VB, C++, TypeScript, F#, ASP.NET, etc.
  • Improved JSON editor
  • Cross-platform mobile development for both HTML and native clients

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