Latest Power BI Desktop Update Provides New Support for Multidimensional SSAS, SAP HANA, Azure Data Lake, and Marketo

The latest version of Power BI Desktop provides support for key new data sources. 

The new data sources include:

  • Direct query support for Azure SQL, Azure SQL DW and SQL Server on premise
  • Direct query support for SSAS multidimensional models
  • Direct query support for SAP HANA
  • Integration with Azure Data Lake
  • Integration with Marketo

These are still in preview or beta and in most cases cannot be published yet to the Power BI service.  However, given the pace of releases with Power BI expect these to be production ready very quickly.

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Microsoft Azure Data Lake Service Expands Offering to Include Storage, Analytics and HD Insight

Microsoft previously announced a new Azure Data Lake service that would provide the repository for massively scalable big data storage.  The service has been refined and expanded to now include:

Azure Data Lake Store: what was previously announced as Azure Data Lake, provides a massively scalable repository for capturing data built on HDFS.

Azure Data Lake Analytics: a new service built on Apache YARN for performing distributed analytics.

Azure HD Insight: full managed Hadoop clusters, now available on Linux as well as Windows.

Azure Data Lake image

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Microsoft Azure Data Lake Coming Soon

In the big data world, the latest buzz concept is the “Data Lake”.

In the industry, the concept of a data lake is relatively new. It’s as an enterprise wide repository of every type of data collected in a single place prior to any formal definition of requirements or schema. This allows every type of data to be kept without discrimination regardless of its size, structure, or how fast it is ingested. Organizations can then use Hadoop or advanced analytics to find patterns of the data. Data lakes can also serve as a repository for lower cost data preparation prior to moving curated data into a data warehouse.

Essentially, the concept is a massive (e.g. Petabytes) repository of raw files coming in from various sources such as web analytics, Internet of things, etc.

Azure Data Lake

Microsoft announced a new Azure Data Lake service that builds on top of their existing Hadoop investments to provide cloud based scalability at massive sizes.

The service is in private preview and interested developers can sign up here.

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