Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Comes to Azure Media Services in Preview

Microsoft has been developing a set of services for speech, face and emotion recognition.  Known previously as “Project Oxford”, these services have now been bundled as Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Microsoft Project Oxford

For example, the APIs can detect the two faces and the feeling of surprise in this photo.

Microsoft has now announced these services are coming to Azure Media Services, branded as “Azure Media Analytics”.  Azure Media Services is Microsoft’s video and audio encoding service that allows you to encode audio and video and have it served to a mass audience on a variety of formats from mobile phones to broadcast quality. 

A few scenarios for using these new services include:

  • Analysis of customer service or call center audio for emotional content
  • Face detection within security video
  • Analysis of body cams, dashcams, etc. for evidence for policing
  • Extracting text content from video
  • Speech to text transcription of video

Key services that are part of Azure Media Analytics include motion detection, face detection, emotion detection and optical character recognition.

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Azure CDN now Integrates with Azure Media Services

Azure CDN is Microsoft’s global content delivery network.  It has a set of local nodes around the world that provide faster local access to content around the world.  Azure CDN has supported content delivery of blob storage content (e.g. files) and Azure Web Sites.

Microsoft has just announced that Azure CDN will now support integration with Azure Media Services.  The CDN acts as a local cache for your video content as it is streamed to your audience around the world.  By moving content close to the user, performance and reliability of your streaming content is improved.

Blog1 CDN global map - storage to CDN to users.pdf-Manling-D

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