Cortana Analytics Suite Leverages Azure Big Data Services for Customer Ready Workloads

What is Cortana Analytics

Microsoft announced a new Big Data service – Cortana Analytics.  Cortana Analytics leverages and bundles existing Azure big data and BI services such as HD Insights, Power BI, Azure Data Lake, Azure ML, etc. and provides customers with a monthly subscription to access a collection of pre-configured customer ready solutions including:

  • Fraud detection
  • Product recommendations
  • Churn analysis
  • Face and speech recognition
  • Text analytics

In addition, Cortana Analytics will provide a dedicated front-end presentation tier as well as expected touch and voice commands for interacting with data.


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Cortana Integration Coming to Office 365

As part of the new Windows 10, Cortana is a key new interface for interacting with your PC and/or Windows tablet.  As part of Ignite, Microsoft previously showed off Cortana integrated with Power BI to allow for voice commands querying your data repositories with Windows 10.

Microsoft has now just released preview screenshots of the upcoming Windows 10 Cortana experience for Office 365.

Cortana will be able to use Office 365 to find information about upcoming meetings, provide access to documents you have worked on and remind you of upcoming meetings.

An early look at Cortana integration with Office 365  2

If you are part of the Windows Insider Program and have an Office 365 account you can try out the new Cortana Office 365 integration starting today.

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Cortana and Power BI Integration Coming as Part of Windows 10

One of the key features demonstrated today at MS Ignite was the integration of Power BI and Cortana.  Using Power BI’s natural language question and answer features, Cortana will now provide voice integration into the Power BI experience.

In addition, you’ll be able to interact with your corporate data right from within the Cortana experience including voice integration for querying your data.  See below for some sample screens from the MS Ignite key note!


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