Recognize Your Co-Workers With New Delve Praise

Coming soon to your Office 365 tenant (currently rolling out to US First Release customers) is new functionality for recognizing your co-workers through Delve. 

With the new Praise feature in Delve, you are now able to send publicly viewable praise to your colleagues. In addition, an email is sent to their manager to make them aware of the individual’s efforts. The praise appears in Delve on the recipient’s profile, and colleagues can click Like to increase the recognition. We know users will appreciate its ease of use and companies will benefit from the power of it being used.


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Microsoft and Salesforce Expand Their Partnership

Microsoft and Salesforce are fierce competitors within the CRM market, but they are also partners.  Over a year ago, Microsoft and Salesforce announced ways they would partner together including:

  • Native Windows Phone Support

  • Sharing of Office 365 Documents in Salesforce
  • Integration of OneDrive with Salesforce
  • Using Salesforce within Outlook
  • Use of Microsoft SQL Server as the database for ExactTarget (one of Salesforce’s products)
  • Integration of Salesforce apps into Office 365
  • Querying of Salesforce data in Power Query / Power BI

Microsoft and Salesforce announced a further expansion of their partnership to include:

  • Integration of Skype for Business into Salesforce’s new Lightning platform
  • Surfacing of Salesforce opportunities in Microsoft’s Delve
  • Salesforce will support mobile applications for Windows 10
  • Integration of Salesforce data into Cortana

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Microsoft Acquires VoloMetrix to Help with Organizational Analytics in Delve

As part of the last Ignite conference, there was a presentation of a new vision for Delve that included a dashboard that displayed information about your work life.  I blogged about this upcoming feature in May.

Microsoft has just acquired VoloMetrix, an organization with a product for tracking activity within an organization.  VoloMetrix’s focus is on tracking sales activities such as time on the phone, time with the customer, pipeline velocity, etc.

VoloMetrix time use by sales teams

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Organization Map and Work Performance Tracking Coming to Delve

Microsoft is revamping the Delve experience to include more data about our habits, our work and our teams.  In the latest preview of an upcoming Delve App, Microsoft will display a dashboard about your work life.delve_organization_view_web

Already, the reaction has been interesting – one article questioned whether you really want to know in real time how hard you’re working, how many emails you’re averaging and comparison against your colleagues.  It will be also interesting if this data is available to your boss.

The new version of Delve, however, will also include a dashboard view—and there, presumably, you’ll be able to see whether you’re a workaholic, or whether you need to spend a few more hours keeping up with your coworkers. The dashboard tracks your own work performance and compares it to the company average.

The idea, as Microsoft tells it, is for Delve to monitor your time and improve your productivity, by figuring out how you spend your day. But it’s not too much of a stretch to conclude that workers may feel intimidated if they’re, say, making 25 percent fewer calls than their coworkers after hours. At some point, some worker will undoubtedly use the Delve numbers to ask for a raise—and then that manager will begin factoring those Delve numbers into their pay scales. The new Delve dashboard could make people feel pushed to work even more. 

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Office 365 Delve Adopts Pinterest Style Boards

Microsoft has just announced the addition of a new feature in Delve – the ability to create Boards.  Boards allow you to pin items in Delve to a particular topic and save them.  They are shared across the enterprise so that you can have a collection of items that are kept together and added by members of your team.  Board represent a way to curate content generated by delve so that it can be preserved and shared.

If you want to see where the idea comes from, just check out Pinterest – they have had a similar implementation for consumer facing social networking.

Delve Boards 2

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