Power BI Enterprise Gateway Released

Microsoft has announced the launch of the Power BI Enterprise Gateway from preview to now general availability.   The Enterprise Gateway replaces the Personal Gateway for scenarios where corporate IT departments want to provide centralized integration with their on premise data sources to Power BI. 


The latest version of the gateway supports live query (e.g. not just a scheduled data refresh) against on premise SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services cubes and SAP HANA databases. 

There are also some improved governance features such as ability to use security groups to control access to publishing of reports and access to data sources.

The Enterprise Gateway is free and can be downloaded here.

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Power BI Enterprise Gateway Released in Preview

As previously noted, Power BI’s weak link for on premise integration has been the personal gateway.  It relies on an end-user to install it on their desktop to provide refreshes from on premise data sources to the Power BI service. 

Microsoft has now released the new Enterprise Gateway in preview.  The new Enterprise Gateway provides similar functionality but in a centralized way that can be administered by IT.

Key features of the new Enterprise Gateway include:

  • Ability to service a large number of end-users from a single or multiple gateways
  • Centralized credentials and configuration of data sources
  • Live connection to on premise SQL databases

A number of connectors are not available yet in this released but are expected in the near future – notably the SSAS connectors to tabular and multidimensional models. 

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