New SQL Server 2016 RC1 Released with SSRS Updates

Microsoft has just released RC1 of SQL Server 2016 and with it a number of SSRS enhancements.  Here are a few of the key updates to reporting services – see this blog post for the full list of enhancements.

Web Portal Replaces Report Manager

Leveraging the DataZen technology the acquired, Microsoft has been working on a new modern HTML 5 based web portal for displaying dashboards and reports.  It is now “feature complete” and replaces the old report manager.


One of the latest features in RC1 is search – you can enter in a query and be provided all the KPIs, reports and dashboards matching the search terms.

New Custom Branding

The new Web Portal can be branded to reflect your organization’s fonts, colours and logo. 


Easy Embedding of Reports into other Apps

All reports are now embeddable through an IFrame – for example, in order to embed into a SharePoint page.  You just add the rs:Embed=true query parameter to the end of the URL and it will strip away all of the SSRS chrome to make it optimized for inserting into another page.

Newly Modern Paginated Reports

SSRS reports no longer need to look like they were created in the mid-90s!  Styling is now much easier and is now modern design by default. 

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New SSRS Features in SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.3

Microsoft has just released the latest preview release of SQL Server 2016.  It is available for download here.

There are a few new features in the latest release of the SQL Server Reporting Services web portal that are worth checking out.

Add to Favorites

You can now add reports and dashboards to a favorites list within SQL Server Reporting Services.



Managing Data Sources

In the latest version of the portal, you can create and manage data sources to be used by reports and KPIs.


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New Mobile Report Publisher Available in Latest SQL 2016 Build

As part of the latest build of SQL 2016, Microsoft has integrated the DataZen components they acquired into a new Mobile Report Publisher.   This functionality is available in the latest SQL 2016 Build CTP 3.2 available for download here.

Using the Mobile Report Publisher, you can create mobile reports easily that render well both through web and native mobile user experiences.

The Power BI App will be the single app for SSRS and Power BI based reports.  The support for SSRS mobile reports is now available in the latest build of the IPhone app with Android and Windows expected to follow.

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Power BI Mobile App Just Updated with Support for SSRS Reports!

As part of the ever increasing integration between Power BI and SQL Server 2016, Microsoft has released a new version of their Power BI mobile app that features mobile dashboards surfaced from SQL Server 2016 SQL Server Reporting Services.

Whether you use SQL Server Reporting Services on-premises, Power BI in the cloud, or both, you will only need a single mobile app to access dashboards and mobile reports on the go.

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